Someone is killing old people. The quaint and quiet Sunny Side Up
Retirement Home is known as the last stop on a life
journey before entering the pearly white gates of Heaven
but now it has become the doorway to Hell.

On a cold and rainy night, an evil, soulless Killer roams the
Retirement Home hallways, forcing intended victims to
share their life story before he decides whether they live or die.
Their stories unfold with many twists and turns, revealing their
innermost secrets of lives filled with happiness and sadness, joy and pain.

As the number of murdered residents increases, it becomes
apparent that the Killer is treating death like a game.
Each killing has a beginning, middle, and end story as the killer
plays “cat and mouse” with each person. Is the Killer acting
as both their Judge and Jury, is this some sort of a random
murderous game, or a night of planned and bloody revenge?
Or maybe something else? And why old people?

For the elderly people living in the Sunny Side Up
Retirement Home who are part of this blood - filled
nightmare, there is only one ending - death.

Written by Joe Janowicz,
Creator and Writer of the BLACK MAN-WHITE MAN comic book series
and soon to be released The DREAMER comic book.
Edited by Elly Stevens.